Wellness Coaching

It is my belief that your first step toward overall wellness lies in your physical health. If you aren't feeling your best, struggling with a health condition or even just extra weight, you aren't living optimally. This makes reaching other goals more difficult. Whether you are just looking to lose weight, reach optimal health, or struggling with a long-term health problem, I believe it is possible to not only overcome, but to thrive! It has been said that 95% of all health-related conditions are actually related to an emotional link we have unknowingly stored deep within our body. With proper coaching, it is possible to unlock blocks that may be triggering health conditions. It is also possible to find the best individual lifestyle diet that works for you, as well as finding activities and exercise you can stick with. Wellness coaching is a journey of self-discovery and very individualized. I meet you right where you are and simply help you unearth the answers that lie within.

  • Category: Life Coaching Sessions
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours
  • Address: 1965 Augusta Drive Southeast, Massillon, OH, USA (Map)


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Free consultation to make sure I am a good match for your wellness needs. We will review guidelines, discuss goals, ethics and pricing before agreeing to move forward in this partnership.