Meeting Depression at the Door - Group Coaching

Depression sucks. Pretty simple. It's not my favorite visitor, but it used to be my most frequent visitor. And then I started meeting it at the door. I stopped resisting it, and started sitting with it. That changed everything. In this 4-week group coaching session, I'll do my very best to show you how to start to do the same thing. This group meets for one-hour on Zoom for 4-weeks starting at 7 p.m. (EST) on Wednesday 9/29 and continuing thru 10/27. Recordings are provided, if you can't make it, but this is a group coaching session, so attendance is highly recommended. Spots are limited so we can allow enough time for everyone to speak and receive coaching opportunities. *Please note this session is not for anyone currently suffering from moderate to severe depression. This is an introductory course only for those who want to learn how to handle transient depressive feelings, or anyone with sub-clinical (undiagnosed) depression, or very mild clinical depression. We highly recommend seeking medical assistance or one-on-one care for moderate to severe depression.)

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