Releasing the Grips of Perfection - Group Coaching

Trying to be perfect is well - impossible. Take it from me, a recovering perfectionist who constantly set herself up to well, fail, basically. Trying to be perfect is tiring and we need to learn to love ourselves right where we are. It's important that we always continue to grow and learn, but striving for perfection will simply cripple you. This 4-week group workshop, full of other recovering perfectionists (including me) will meet weekly over zoom and start the process of breaking these chains. Our next class meets on Tuesdays, beginning September 28th and continues thru October 19th. We will meet for one-hour via Zoom at 7 p.m. (EST). Sessions are recorded, if you are unable to attend (though group interaction is highly recommended). Sign-up now and begin to free yourself from the unhealthy grips of perfection! Spots are limited, so that all group members have enough time to share and be coached.

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