Quantum energy can assist your body and improve your health and increase your fitness level, all while having a positive impact on your mind and thoughts. The energy and frequencies that are now available are backed by quantum physics, healers, with supporting research from inventors such as Nikola Tesla. It has been said that understanding how this works, is like us taking a cell phone into the 1600s. The advancement of this technology is simply too much for most of us to even comprehend, but it works! For example, I have personally witnessed a man allergic to shellfish, break out in hives before exposure to the quantum energy block, but after leaving the same shellfish in the block, for 30 minutes, he was able to be exposed with no allergic reaction. I have used it also to minimize the harmful effects of gluten on my body, with success also. Their is scientific data showing positive improvements in blood cells and water, after only 10 minutes of exposure to the quantum energy block. This block also helps the negative effects of EMF exposure, and also helps restore positive energy to homes, rooms, work spaces, and can even be used with prayerful intentions for others, using a picture. 30-minute sessions can be booked using this energy modality as a means for bringing positive ions to a body part that is need of healing, or causing pain. It can be disassembled and used on any part of the body. During sessions, you can also positively charge your cell phone, supplements, food, clothing, etc. To understand more, please visit the following: https://leelaq.com/research-seal-of-approval/

  • Category: Energy Work
  • Duration: 00:30 Hours


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