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Thanks for visiting! My name is Angela Miller. I'm an Emotional Health Coach and R.N. I think emotions are at the root of almost everything. They keep us stuck. They are buried in our cells, waiting for either attention or to wreck havoc. You can't outrun them. You just have to feel them. It's how you heal.

I've spent thousands of hours reading books, attending workshops, studying and living with grief, trauma and LOTS AND LOTS of messy emotions. I've walked thru the storms. I've survived them and I came out the other side, thriving. My expertise in these areas come from my personal experiences; from my inner work; from getting quiet; from seeking the answers that lie within. That's where I will lead you as well. I don't want to be your expert. I want to be your guide. You are your own expert. I want you to find YOUR power. I want you to alchemize your pain into purpose. You have the abilities. You have the strength. I promise it's there. We just need to unpack all the junk that is blocking us from living the live we were meant to LOVE!

I spent the first half of my life walking around in a stupor. I was unhappy, depressed and looking for love in all the wrong places. Now, if you knew me then, you wouldn't have known this. I was living the American dream; until I suddenly wasn't. When my 22-year marriage crumbled, my whole life fell apart and I stand here today, 12 years later, telling you, I couldn't be more grateful. It saved me. I walked into a storm of massive proportions, broken and lost. I walked out of it completely transformed.

Maybe you are in the midst of your own storm right now. Maybe you are just lost and looking for direction. Maybe you have no idea what led you to my website, or to me, but for some reason, you just feel drawn in. Whatever the reason, I believe God brings you the people who can help, whenever you ask and whenever you are ready.

Let's figure out what you need, together. Let's cut thru the lies you are telling yourself. Let's unload the baggage, and the B.S. Let's look at the thoughts, beliefs, habits and patterns that keep you spinning your wheels. First, we identify what you want. Then, we find out what's in the way. I promise you will come out lighter, but only if you commit to doing the work. I will work hard for you, but I won't work harder than you do.

It's going to require commitment. It's going to be uncomfortable. Healing, means feeling and you are not going to be able to escape it, if you want to unlock your true power. I've walked it. I remember now. I want you to remember too. I'll help you get there. I'll help you find peace, happiness, joy and love. In fact, I guarantee it.

If you want to get to the truth; find out what's holding you back; what's making you unhealthy; what's keeping you from fully trusting your higher power; what's keeping you from truly living, I can help. I will warn you. This journey isn't for the light of heart. I'll give you everything I have, if you promise to give YOU everything you have. If you fail to commit, we wait until you can, and for some people, that won't be in this lifetime. If you aren't prepared to feel the painful feelings you buried, then honestly, I don't want to get started. This journey will change you. If after a 6-month commitment to you, and then to me, if you haven't made any progress; if there is no growth; if you aren't closer to self-discovery, then I'll coach you for an additional 6-months at no cost to you.

If you want to see if you qualify. If you want to know if you are ready, start with a free consultation. I also may not be the right person to help you. Either are okay. You are okay. This is your life. Your journey. If our paths are meant to cross, there is nothing that will stop it.