What is life coaching anyways? It's pretty simple. I help you find your best you, so you can live your best possible life! I believe that within everyone lies all the answers you have ever looked for (just like Dorothy with her red slippers!)

Life coaching can help in a variety of areas, big or small, but mostly it helps you find the answers that lie within. It's not counseling, but it still digs deep and unearths the real reasons behind why, for example, you can't get organized, lose weight or struggle in relationships. Change only lasts when your heart and your mind are connected and when you truly know who you are. This comes only after you truly understand and accept yourself and realize, you have nothing to prove to anyone!

I am a professional life coach. I received my initial credentials in 2013, after a painful divorce that basically restarted my life, forcing me to not only question my career, but everything, including my identity. It brought me on a long journey of rediscovery, which led me to finally be able to answer the life long question - Who Am I?

After freeing myself from a life of people pleasing, perfectionistic, approval seeking, guilt, anger and finally forgiveness, I found my way thru the egoic jungle that trapped me for so long. I now live a dream life, honoring my purpose to help people remember who they are and to help them find love, acceptance and belonging. I pursued my love to serve and coach others by furthering my coaching education and certified as a Human Potential Life Coach in 2020.

In addition, I have been an RN since 1997. I approach health and wellness from a holistic approach. We need to regard pain and health conditions as signals of imbalance. Modern medicine is quick to fix conditions thru medicine, but it fails to explore possible emotional connections, or even nutrition. The path to living at your optimal health isn't a quick fix. It takes some work, but it is worth it! You have all the answers within you and I want to help you unlock them.

Wellness Coaching
Diets don't work and I've tried them all! If you want to lose weight for good, whether it's 100 pounds, or the last 10, you have to find a lifestyle that works for you. This relates to food and activity. You also have to truly find a respect for your body, and a complete acceptance and love for yourself! This requires some unearthing (if you are willing!)

I have spent a lifetime suffering from migraines, chronic stress, anxiety, sub-clinical depression and anywhere from an extra 10 to 30 pounds. My inability to manage stress eventually led to adrenal failure and hypothyroidism. I also would go on to discover the presence of a dirty gene known as MTHFR. I did not utilize the modern medical system, but took charge of my own health and conquered my emotional and physical ailments simply thru diet, supplements, meditation and a lot of self-care! Turns out being healthy is near to impossible if you don't love yourself first!

No matter what health goal you are trying to achieve, I meet you where you are and help you create lifestyle changes that can help you break thru those unwanted pounds and chronic health conditions. We look at all the aspects that could be holding you back, focusing on nutrition, as well as emotional healing. I firmly believe that you have what it takes to find your path to the best physical version of YOU!

Grief Coaching
I am no stranger to grief. I've experienced significant losses throughout my life. At 18 I underwent an abortion, against my own decision. I repressed those memories and ran from the trauma for over 30 years until I finally faced it and unpacked the horrific shame and guilt I had stuffed within. In 1998, I lost my mother to suicide. I survived a dysfunctional 22-year marriage full of alcoholism and neglect, that was followed by a destructive, life-altering divorce. Finally, I spent 3 years estranged from one of my children, which became the most significant grief I would ever endure, but also the most impactful. I've become very familiar with how to navigate my way thru grief. I've been forced to rebuild my life from the ground up, and I understand the depth of pain when grief strikes.

I have learned though all my experiences that grief offers meaning, and growth. You don't have to walk it alone. There are steps you must go thru and it's a journey that is different for everyone, but the journey itself can lead you to a much better place. Every one of my grief journeys changed me. I learned to build a foundation that is unshakable. I found my true identity, dropped all the false identities that held me back, including my strongest of all, being a mother. By doing so, I was able to find my way back to my soul and to real and genuine love.

Grief of any sort is painful. It is the price we pay for love, but it doesn't have to cost you your happiness. There is something better on the other side and I can help you find it.

Purpose/Identity Coaching
I've spent a lifetime trying to be good enough and trying to be heard. I hear the same from so many people. We all wander around trying to please others and gain approval, when all along, the power to be good enough simply lies within. We had it all along. We are all Dorothy on a journey to Oz. We think we aren't smart enough. We don't feel courageous or brave and often we feel empty and lack love for ourselves, and even others. It's time that you find your power! It's time for you to heal your mind, body and return to your soul. Get out your red sneakers, high heels or whatever suits your soul and let's find your direction, your purpose and your freedom in the discovery of the real YOU!

Emotional Freedom Coaching

We aren't taught about our emotions. Instead, we are often scolded for them and told as kids to "stop crying." We learn to stuff and shove down emotions that were never meant to stay. I help people unpack their emotions. I help you shine a light in those dark areas that you've hidden. Together we unlock the emotions that hold you back and keep you small. Emotions, thoughts and limiting beliefs that sabotage your future.

You aren't alone. You weren't meant to carry guilt and shame. Your value isn't assigned from other's opinions. Your identity isn't based on what you do, or what role you play. Your identity is based on who you really are, buried underneath all that junk, you are quite simply LOVE. You came from love and you were created to be love, but you just lost sight of that and need some help to find your way home.

Your emotions and feelings are where it all starts. I can show you how to develop a process that allows your emotions to stop controlling you. Our bodies become programmed with these emotions. Our cells literally change to accomodate and store this bad programming, and our subconscious takes over. This makes it feel like a losing battle, but I promise it's not! I can help you use your emotions to take control of your thoughts. Stop making yourself small. Stop holding yourself back! Take control of your future!