We aren't taught about our emotions. Instead, we are often scolded for them and told as kids to "stop crying." We learn to stuff and shove down emotions that were never meant to stay. I help people unpack their emotions. I help you shine a light in those dark areas that you've hidden. Together we unlock the emotions that hold you back and keep you small. Emotions, thoughts and limiting beliefs that sabotage your future. We start our life as children, trying to survive, and often times that means keeping our parents happy, so we can be fed and housed and loved. Problem is, we carry that into adulthood, and we continue a life of assigning our value on the opinions and beliefs of others. Your identity isn't based on what you do, or what role you play. Your identity is based on who you really are. When you open this door, you will find, buried underneath all that junk, you are quite simply LOVE. You came from love and you were created to be love. Unfortunately, most of us lose sight of that and need some help in finding your way home. Your emotions and feelings are where it all starts. I can show you how to develop a process that allows your emotions to stop controlling you. Our bodies become programmed with these emotions. Our cells literally change to accommodate and store this bad programming, and our subconscious takes over. This makes it feel like a losing battle, but I promise it's not! I can help you use your emotions to take control of your thoughts. Stop making yourself small. Stop holding yourself back! Take control of your future! Pricing shown is per 1 hour session. Tardiness is not permitted. Commitment is. No excuses. I'll commit to you fully, only with the promise that you will provide the same. If not, we will have to go our separate ways, with well wishes and love. Life coaching is not yet accepted under insurance, but does qualify for health savings cards.

  • Category: Life Coaching
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours
  • Address: Massillon, OH, USA (Map)




Initial consultation is free in order to determine your needs and if I am the right person to assist you. At that time we will discuss fees, ethics and confidentiality and what program is best for you to join.

This is a 13-week program where together, group members will walk thru each of the 12-steps, offering insight, discussion and accountability. You will not only gain the knowledge to take control of your emotions, but also form lifetime friendships with others who can provide you future accountability, long after the group has ended.

After completing the 12-step program, we will use the final week to envision the next steps in your magnificent life.