Identify your top 6 values

Values are your heart’s deepest desires for how you want to behave as a human being. There
are many different values. Below you will find a list of the most common ones.

Read through the list and write a letter next to each value: V=Very Important, Q=Quite
Important, and N=Not So Important. Score at least ten of them as Very Important.

1. Acceptance: to be open to and accepting of myself, others, life.

2. Adventure: to be adventurous; to actively seek, create, or explore novel or
stimulating experiences.

3. Assertiveness: to respectfully stand up for my rights and request what I want.

4. Authenticity: to be authentic, genuine, real; to be true to myself.

5. Beauty: to appreciate, create, nurture or cultivate beauty in myself, others, the

6. Caring: to be caring towards myself, others, the environment.

7. Challenge: to keep challenging myself to grow, learn, improve.

8. Compassion: to act with kindness towards those who are suffering.

9. Connection: to engage fully in whatever I am doing, and be fully Present with others.

10. Contribution: to contribute, help, assist, or make a positive difference to myself or

11. Conformity: to be respectful and obedient of rules and obligations.

12. Cooperation: to be cooperative and collaborative with others.

13. Courage: to be courageous or brave; to persist in the face of fear, threat, or difficulty.

14. Creativity: to be creative or innovative.

15. Curiosity: to be curious, open-minded and interested; to explore and discover.

16. Encouragement: to encourage and reward behavior that I value in myself or others.

17. Equality: to treat others as equal to myself.

18. Excitement: to seek, create and engage in activities that are exciting, stimulating or

19. Fairness: to be fair to myself or others.

20. Fitness: to maintain or improve my fitness; to look after my physical and mental
health and well-being.

21. Flexibility: to adjust and adapt readily to changing circumstances.

22. Freedom: to live freely; to choose how I live and behave, or help others do likewise.

23. Friendliness: to be friendly, companionable, or agreeable towards others.

24. Forgiveness: to be forgiving towards myself or others.

25. Fun: to be fun-loving; to seek, create, and engage in fun-filled activities.

26. Generosity: to be generous, sharing and giving, to myself or others.

27. Gratitude: to be grateful for and appreciative of the positive aspects of myself,
others and life.

28. Honesty: to be honest, truthful and sincere with myself and others.

29. Humour: to see and appreciate the humorous side of life.

30. Humility: to be humble or modest; to let my achievements speak for themselves.

31. Industry: to be industrious, hard-working, dedicated.

32. Independence: to be self-supportive and choose my own way of doing things.

33. Intimacy: to open up, reveal, and share myself- emotionally or physically-in my
close personal relationships.

34. Justice: to uphold justice and fairness.

35. Kindness: to be kind, compassionate, considerate, nurturing or caring towards myself
or others.

36. Love: to act lovingly or affectionately towards myself or others.

37. Mindfulness: to be conscious of, open to, and curious about my here-and-now

38. Order: to be orderly and organized.

39. Open-mindedness: to think things through, see things from other’s points of view
and weigh evidence fairly.

40. Patience: to wait calmly for what I want.

41. Persistence: to continue resolutely, despite problems or difficulties.

42. Pleasure: to create and give pleasure to myself or others.

43. Power: to strongly influence or wield authority over others, e.g. taking charge,
leading, organizing.

44. Reciprocity: to build relationships in which there is a fair balance of giving and taking

45. Respect: to be respectful towards myself or others; to be polite, considerate and
show positive regard.

46. Responsibility: to be responsible and accountable for my actions.

47. Romance: to be romantic; to display and express love or strong affection.

48. Safety: to secure, protect, or ensure safety of myself or others.

49. Self-awareness: to be aware of my own thoughts, feelings and actions

50. Self-care: to look after my health and well-being and get my needs met.

51. Self-development: to keep growing, advancing or improving in knowledge, skills,
character or life experience.

52. Self-control: to act in accordance with my own ideals.

53. Sensuality: to create, explore and enjoy experiences that stimulate the five senses.

54. Sexuality: to explore or express my sexuality.

55. Spirituality: to connect with things bigger than myself.

56. Skilfulness: to continually practice and improve my skills, and apply myself fully
when using them.

57. Supportiveness: to be supportive, helpful, encouraging and available to myself or

58. Trust: to be trustworthy; to be loyal, faithful, sincere and reliable.

59. Insert your own unlisted value here:

60. Insert your own unlisted value here:

Once you have marked each value as V, Q, N (Very, Quite, or Not So Important), go through all
the Vs, and choose the six that are most important to you. Mark each one with a 6, to show
it’s in your top six. Finally, write those six values out below, to remind yourself that this is
what you want to stand for as a human being.

My Top Six Values
(Adapted from the work of Dr. Russ Harris Author of ACT Made Simple.)